“ What is meant by a strengths based interview? How many role-plays will there be? What does the VR exercise entail? ”

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Hi there,. I have an accessment centre booked for next week. I have attended an AC through direct entry before and this was compentecy based. Is the PoliceNow AC different? I have examples of past actions prepared, but don't know if this is required during the interview. Also, what can I expect from the VR exercise? I suffer from motion sickness using the devices, what kind of task will I be expected to perform? I know you can't give too much away, but any advice would be helpful. Thank you for your time.
Graduate Recruitment Coordinator, Police Now


thanks for getting in touch. As you have booked on to an assessment centre, you should have been contacted with a pre-assessment centre call to answer these particular queries and ease your mind before the big day! It might be worth checking if you have been left a voicemail! Please can you send an email to graduates@policenow.org.uk  with your full name and the date you are booked on and I can ask a member of the AC team to give you a call back as it sounds like we would need to discuss your motion sickness.

A strengths based interview assesses what your personal strengths are to find out how you as a person work... I would suggest if this is a new concept to you to take a look online to see how this particular interview is different!

In the VR exercise, you will need to wear a headset and will be solving tasks in virtual reality, this may sound daunting but it is often the candidate's favourite part of the AC and you will be given instructions on the day, full support and the chance to practice and become comfortable with the equipment.

My advice to you would be to again, take a look on the Police Now website and really take in our mission and values and if you haven't already, I would definitely advise that you play the impact challenge and even if you have, play it again and try the different scenarios!!!!

Most importantly, whilst this is an assessment centre do your best to relax and enjoy the experience, places have been incredibly competitive and to get to the assessment centre is a huge achievement.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions.


Graduate Recruitment Coordinator, Police Now

following my above answer, there is just the one roleplay!

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