Poppy G.
Police Officer

About Poppy

Key Experiences

From dreaming of poetry and Paris, I found my career in Policing
Joining Police Now - this led me into the career I am now!
Working in Paris - working abroad gave me new experiences and made me push myself. I didn't imagine living for a year in a new country, speaking the language and being immersed in the culture. It gave me a new level of confidence which i carried forwards into future jobs.

Current Position

I am a designated Neighbourhood Police Officer.
I work for Hertfordshire Constabulary and am based on a neighbourhood policing team.
Work is varied from chasing criminals, looking for missing people, providing reassurance patrols, filing crime paperwork!
I joined Herts via the Police Now scheme which means I am asked to provide Impact Presentations, where I assess policing against an evidence base and document what works and what doesn't.

Main Motivations

Constant variety and interacting with diverse and complex people.
I enjoy not knowing what will happen when I arrive at work, and the freedom i have to create and develop my own projects where i can work for my community.
I enjoy that the community is different and diverse and that I am forced to engage with a part of society that need the most help.
I enjoy feeling I have helped people and that police intervention provided safety and reassurance

Top Advice

Say yes to everything and maintain positivity.
I think positivity and enthusiasm is the most effective skill i have, that has carried me through my career and has helped me forge relationships that have been the backbone to my career.
I am not a blind optimist, but I do believe that showing enthusiasm for what you do is infectious, and makes other people want to support and believe in you.
I also think every opportunity can result in progression and even the most minor jobs can provide something big.
I would also say being humble is essential. While you should always know your worth, you should also remember people have got experience and can help you to develop yourself

Greatest Achievement

The job i'm in now.
The journey to become a police officer doesn't end when you finish training, and i think i have learnt and developed so much more in the last year than in my initial training. I am proud of my resilience and positive attitude, and the steps I've taken to be doing a challenging and emotive role.

There have been many times when i have wanted to sit back and let the stresses of my job wash over me. However, I have learnt so much from being forced to immerse myself wholly in the world of policing.

Police Now

Police Now’s mission is to transform communities, reduce crime and increase the public’s confidence in policing, by recruiting and developing an outstanding and diverse group of individuals to be leaders in society and on the policing frontline.

In addition to the Police Now National Graduate Leadership programme we are committed to contributing to the development of policing in the UK and to supporting the many thousands of dedicated police officers across the country to enable them to deliver the very best service to the public.

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